Ymca Summer Programs 2015

Ymca Summer Programs 2015


Mighty Munchkins
This program is a half-day program designed for preschool children in which the focus is social development, fun, friendship, leisure swim, songs, games, creative and outgoing journeys will fill the half day Campers ‘.

Program summer Inclusive
YMCA of Regina and Autism resource center have teamed up once again to provide you with General summer programming. This partnership allows both organizations to pool their strengths and expertise to provide high-quality, challenge personal boundaries and have fun. YMCA Summer Programs have structure and routine life and active recreation. Participants will enjoy outdoor activities, swimming, sports and drama activities, crafts, outings into the community, science experiments and much more.

Inclusive Summer Youth Leadership Program
The program Inclusive Summer Leadership is designed for the young age of 12-18, to participate in a variety of unique activities which provide participants with a sense of responsibility and prosperity.
● Work on leadership skills, interpersonal and communication You
● Connect to the community through volunteerism and ‘ giving back .’
● Learn the key concepts of a healthy lifestyle (physical health, nutrition, etc.)
● Gains confidence, challenge personal boundaries
● Develop friendships and relationships

The ARC and the needs of the individual CAMP
We are pleased to announce continued partnership between the YMCA of Regina and Autism resource center. The Downtown YMCA had 15 points are reserved per week in their programs for students with Autism/Asperger’s Disorder. Also, there is a special needs Camp for other kids who want to come to the camp that his needs may not fall under the Autism/Asperger Syndrome umbrella. Participants in both programs will be fully included in taking part in the activities of the camp day, learn a new skill
and have fun. This program will not only challenge your child through the pool, outdoor activities and cultural, sports, leadership development, and social skills, enabling participants to fully integrated with General day camps. Staff ratio of youth to the ARC and special needs Camps is 1:3, which allows for the excellent care and a quality program for your child. Counselors will be attending special training
that will help to promote inclusion for all participants of the summer camp. For more information about ARC or Day Camps, special needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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