Xbox One Cloud Computing

Xbox One Cloud Computing
Xbox One Cloud Computing

Microsoft: Crackdown will put the “power of the cloud to the test on the Xbox One

The explosive trailer for Crackdown unveiled by Microsoft during your Conference at E3 this year wouldn’t let the gamer community agitated only due to the return of such series. In addition to announcing the game, the company just revealed that the much-discussed Xbox One Cloud Computing should be used. In an interview with Kotaku, Phil Spencer, head of divisions of the Xbox, not tried to answer questions so elusive: the Executive was clear and stated that the processes of complex rendering should be performed through the power of the cloud “in Crackdown.
“Then, let’s say, and that is something absolute, you throw a missile of a particular angle – the destruction depicted the scene will appear differently depending on the positioning of the shooter, based, therefore, on the physics of impacts ‘. We’ve been working this way in our actual capacity to perform calculations of milhões and particle milhões from cloud computing “, elucidated Spencer. In this type of process, the user platform (Xbox One) would be set up as a kind of receiver data interface rendered.

“The local device (video game) ‘ don’t know ‘ the reason of the locations or the ‘ place where the next frame should be .’ Both of these processes are carried out through the power of the cloud. There are these movements of exchange of information between both platforms “, he also said the big shot. Spencer made it clear that the demonstration of the rendering mechanism via cloud made in April this year used as the work in progress of the Crackdown. “Yes, the demo was done with the ‘ in progress ‘ version of Crackdown,” confirmed the Executive through your Twitter – watch below the part of the promises Microsoft made.

Crackdown should be released in 2015. After that, little is known about the production status of the title. One can expect, however, that the return of the franchise should be so colossal: Dave Jones, one of the creators of “Crackdown” – and also one of the creators of the first GTAs –, is behind the cloud technology that should be used for the upcoming game. “And, then, we should have other studios involved in the development of the game with our internal team,” he concluded.

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