What Is The Snap Program

What Is The Snap Program

What Is The Snap Program?
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps senior citizens Outreach. Who have no mobility or stay home to apply the benefits of food aid. Maryland SNAP Outreach Food Bank workers provide intensive, step-by-step support completed applications, collect evidence, personally submit materials for the Department of Social services and tracking the status of your application ensure timely processing.

How does it work? SNAP Program events are held in senior communities at risk of hunger every weekday in Washington, Frederick, Allegany and Garrett Counties & is often combined with the distribution of food to provide direct assistance to seniors who stay at home and live on a fixed income.

What is your household?
A household can be one person living alone or living with another person, or a group of individuals who live together. Residents along the purchase and prepare meals together.

What is a household Categorically eligible?
1) every household where all members receive or authorized to receive TANF information and Referral Services or households in which all members receive or allowed to receive TANF and SSI are categorically eligible households.
2) Categorical member households that qualify need not meet the asset limit.
3 Non-categorical) household members must meet the limits assets.


  • If you are out-of-Pocket medical expenses greater than $35 per
    month (for the individual who is disabled or age sixty or older), you can
    claiming them as a deduction to get SNAP benefits greater.
  • The average benefit SNAP for Seniors in Maryland is $113 per
    people per month.
  • SNAP benefits are now coming in electronic form which is known as the EBT card.
  • The market some farmers now receive the benefits of SNAP.
  • You can use SNAP benefits to buy raw foods and seeds or plants to grow.


  • Evidence of the cost of the rent or mortgage
  • Proof of income (social security, pensions, annuities, etc.)
  • Treatment Costs
  • Test Load Utilities

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