Ucsb Graduate Programs

Ucsb Graduate Programs

A University of California Santa Barbara(UCSB) is part of the system’s ten campuses of the University of California and is one of the country’s most famous research world. Faculty of UCSB includes six Nobel Prize winners.

International student program UCSB offers a variety of high-quality programs, and credits earned can be transferred to universities around the world, or it can also be used to complement the student’s career goals.

1. the United Kingdom Advanced Language Program (the Program advanced, or AEP Ingl├ęs): includes two programs: the language of Academic and language the United Kingdom United Kingdom business. Improve oral and written skills in the English United Kingdom and gain the tools and competencies that are essential to advance or business context-speaking United Kingdom academic studies.

2. University courses Immersion (Immersion Program of the University, or UIP): Study along with students from UCSB and interact with the teacher who is the world leader in its field. Develop job skills that apply to companies around the world.

3. Graduate Studies Preparation Program (Graduate Study Preparation Program, or the GSPP): an explanation of the process of getting into graduate school in the United States. The ACT. The steps required to achieve success.

4. The United Kingdom Language Instruction Program for Other language speakers (TESOL): join us and international summer intensive program at TESOL certification students. You’ll learn the latest theories and practical approaches and effective language teaching about the United Kingdom.

5. marketing: are students who want to market your business products or services; this certificate offers a range of courses to suit one’s needs and interests, including digital and global marketing, strategic brand development, public relations, web analytics, project management, and more.

6. Project Management: Project management is a proven planning, organization, and control of multiple activities in industrial methodology. In this program, participants learn important to start and completed projects, while developing interpersonal and leadership to work in a team environment skills.

7. Technology Management: technology company currently looking for employees with greater entrepreneurial awareness and appreciation of the entire innovation process, from conception to market. Training in management technology helps participants develop skills to lead teams, market new products, interact with international subsidiaries and managing the financial system.
8. Business Leadership: the complexity of the current work environment requires leadership that is defined by the strategic thinking, the diversity of skills and emotional intelligence. Courses included in this program provides an opportunity for students to establish and strengthen their leadership vision, develop skills in trade negotiations and learn to apply the methods of work in the culture of the organization.