Umuc Graduate Programs

Umuc Graduate Programs

UMUC Europe Launches Graduate Program

For the first time, the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the graduate program in management, cyber security, homeland security and criminal justice management in U.S. military bases in Europe and the Middle East.

“The face-to-face Aspect is something I’ve been looking for,” said Air Force Captain Edwin Maldonado. “There is no substitute for getting answers on-the-spot from the professors and learn from other students.”

Planning for the future transition into the civilian workforce after 20 years in the military, Maldonado is registered in the first MBA class at Kapaun Air Station in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

He had a dream to start my own business after retirement and was sure that UMUC MBA Award winner would help her build the knowledge and skills he needs to prepare while stationed in Europe.

“If this program is not here, I will lose a few years by waiting until I get back to the States to begin my graduate education,” he said. “Graduate school is critical to have overseas because they allow the military to do the next step soon.”

The program opens the door for new military communities in Europe and the Middle East, who have never seen this variety of undergraduate degree options face-to-face at their base. Active-duty military, family members, and civilians stationed in Europe and Central Command already can register online. This spring, UMUC will also offer the Master of Social Work (MSW), with more details to be announced soon.

Faculty members Gregory Evans, a subject expert for MBA Program, pointing to a master can have effects on the growth of individuals and the future of marketing in the private realm.

“The average unemployment rate was significantly lower for those with a university degree compared with those with a college degree,” he said, referring to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Take your education to the next level makes all the difference.”

Jeffrey Newbern, Director of UMUC Europe Graduate Program, noted that the program that changes the game “is designed to leave the students prepared to go through necessary cyber security certification could allow them to Excel in cyber industry.”

While the program kicks off in Kaiserslautern and Wiesbaden, UMUC plans to expand them to most of the larger military community in Europe and the Middle East and then working toward offers classes no matter where students show interest.

“We want the servicemembers in Europe to be able to take the same class and have the same opportunities that they would if they were in the United States,” said Newbern. “We don’t want the fact that they are serving their country abroad to prevent them from not only continue their education but completed a master’s degree.”

“In the current climate, more and more registered like me have a college degree, and that’s the level that many of the personnel who will be in the future, so it’s critical that there are different levels of graduate opportunities like this.”

Turbotax Deluxe Program

Turbotax Deluxe Program

TurboTax makes a list of top rated Free Online tax preparation Services. And for a good reason.

Turbotax is one of the maximum famous online tax preparation and filing software program programs within the United States of America. I use it to file my taxes for much of the last few years. Its free submission package is one of the best tax-free filing options around.

TurboTax compete with online tax filing software such as H R Block &, smart Tax, TaxAct, and TaxSlayer.

That’s not a reason to say that TurboTax is perfect. Although the filing process-based interview that is very intuitive and user-friendly mobile platforms is a snap to use, it’s a little pricier than most competitors and need people with complicated tax situations (including my own) to upgrade to a more expensive plan–unlike some alternatives that offer most or all forms and schedules at a lower price point. And even though I never got a refund greater than other programs, TurboTax filing service is not the fastest I have ever used.

Plans, Pricing & Features

TurboTax tax preparation process using interview-style, using your answers to a series of simple questions (such as “do you have children or dependents?”) To evaluate the situation and determine your tax forms and schedules you need for successfully completing your return. It depending on the complexity of you’re tax situation, TurboTax gives you one of five plans, each of which has specific features and cost. If TurboTax admits that your back takes the form or function that is not supported by your current plan (such as a detailed piece or entrepreneurial income), it automatically asks you to upgrade without losing the information you have entered.

If you choose a paid plan, you do not need to pay until you file. Be aware that TurboTax customarily raised prices in March, so if you want to lock the price shown below, it’s best to apply early. It ought to be referred to that, regardless of the plan you choose, TurboTax guarantees the accuracy of the calculations. If liable for any mistakes that bring about consequences theirs, TurboTax promised to pay the penalty and hobby fees.

Federal Free Edition

This plan offers free federal and State taxes. Because it does not support most of the schedule, it was only appropriate for very simple tax situations. Also, it comes with a significant weakness: Free federal does not let you transfer or back imports last year or the information contained therein, regardless of whether You filed with TurboTax or other services.

University Of Southern California Graduate Programs

University Of Southern California Graduate Programs


Located in the heart of Los Angeles-a global center of technology, service, business, communication and the arts-USC is home to a unique and diverse group of teachers and students. Recognized internationally for quality in education and cutting-edge research, USC offers more than 550 courses and various subjects.

As a student at the USC International Academy, you will be surrounded by a dynamic academic community and will have full access to the structure of USC available to your students; you will be able to develop a language of United Kingdom when You meet people from all over the world.



Full-time (F-1 Visa)

The United Kingdom, intensive language programs, are carefully designed to meet the needs and goals of each student taking into account knowledge and varying levels of proficiency, whether a beginner or advanced. Small classes and interactive, providing students the opportunity to receive individual attention, interact with peers and optimize learning.

Courses focus on reading, writing, comprehension and speaking, always rely on the quality of the teachers teaching the USC. Also, you also have the option to take elective classes (e.g., business, TOEFL/IELTS preparation, STEM, pronunciation, journalism, Los Angeles Life, etc.) and to engage in a conversation with a group of American students, everything so you have a complete academic experience.


Part-Time Visa (B1 / B2): Improve your English and enjoy the holidays in Los Angeles!

Spend your vacation in Los Angeles and study at one of the best American universities in the entertainment capital of the world! The USC International Academy Vacations & English Program will help you improve your English fluency with 17 hours of lessons per week while you enjoy all that Los Angeles offers, its monuments, beautiful beaches, cultural diversity, experiencing the city in a unique way. You can visit famous attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Beach, Disneyland, Getty Museum, Universal Studios, and more. Our packages include course, course materials, airport transfer, accommodation, access to libraries and IT labs, gym, health center, swimming pool, food court and various top quality events at USC and Los Angeles.


  • Intensive English-based skills-based courses at USC Campus
  • Six convenient start dates during the year
  • University preparation courses and conditional admission
  • Experienced faculty with advanced training in TESOL, pedagogy and related fields
  • University environment: full access to campus facilities and university life
  • Cultural Activities at the Best Attractions in Los Angeles
  • Campus accommodation available all year round



  • Study English in small, interactive classes on USC campus
  • Improve your language skills and study materials and optional laboratories that meet your interests
  • Get support from a specialized team of counselors on academic, immigration, and student issues
  • Six convenient courses start dates during the year


  • Get conditional admission to one of the best USC postgraduate courses without taking the GRE / GMAT exam
  • Get your desired score on the GRE / GMAT through an international category exam preparation course
  • Receive academic guidance for the master’s course in which you have obtained conditional admission
  • Get the skills that will prepare you for success at USC


  • Get USC Admissions Team Guidance for Admission to Higher Education
  • Get up to 12 credits taking USC undergraduate courses
  • Achieve best results on TOEFL / IELTS and SAT exams through specific training
  • Take advantage of academic, cultural and English language support opportunities
  • Adapted to their field of study


  • Improve your English academic skills to prepare for a graduate
  • Increase your score on the TOEFL / IELTS and GRE / GMAT exams
  • Plan with your USC counselors your route to the master’s degree at the university where you want to study

What Is The Snap Program

What Is The Snap Program

What Is The Snap Program?
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps senior citizens Outreach. Who have no mobility or stay home to apply the benefits of food aid. Maryland SNAP Outreach Food Bank workers provide intensive, step-by-step support completed applications, collect evidence, personally submit materials for the Department of Social services and tracking the status of your application ensure timely processing.

How does it work? SNAP Program events are held in senior communities at risk of hunger every weekday in Washington, Frederick, Allegany and Garrett Counties & is often combined with the distribution of food to provide direct assistance to seniors who stay at home and live on a fixed income.

What is your household?
A household can be one person living alone or living with another person, or a group of individuals who live together. Residents along the purchase and prepare meals together.

What is a household Categorically eligible?
1) every household where all members receive or authorized to receive TANF information and Referral Services or households in which all members receive or allowed to receive TANF and SSI are categorically eligible households.
2) Categorical member households that qualify need not meet the asset limit.
3 Non-categorical) household members must meet the limits assets.


  • If you are out-of-Pocket medical expenses greater than $35 per
    month (for the individual who is disabled or age sixty or older), you can
    claiming them as a deduction to get SNAP benefits greater.
  • The average benefit SNAP for Seniors in Maryland is $113 per
    people per month.
  • SNAP benefits are now coming in electronic form which is known as the EBT card.
  • The market some farmers now receive the benefits of SNAP.
  • You can use SNAP benefits to buy raw foods and seeds or plants to grow.


  • Evidence of the cost of the rent or mortgage
  • Proof of income (social security, pensions, annuities, etc.)
  • Treatment Costs
  • Test Load Utilities

Wvu Graduate Programs

In this article, you can know about Wvu Graduate Programs

Wvu Graduate Programs


As a land-grant organization within the twenty-first century, Wvu will deliver high-quality education, excellence in discovery and innovation, model a lifestyle of variety and inclusion, sell health and vitality and build methods to trade understanding and among the nation, the state, and the sector.


By way of 2020, Wvu will obtain national prominence in studies, thereby growing academic success, global engagement, range, and the power and well-being of the people of West Virginia. 2020 strategic plan for the future

Educational excellence

Wvu ranks nationally for prestigious scholarships: 24 Rhodes students, 22 Truman students, 40 Goldwater students, two British student Marshall, four Morris k. Udall scholars, five u.S.A. These days all-America educational university first team participants (and 11 honored crew educational), nine Boren students, 14 Gilman students, 39 Fulbright scholars (5 in 2012), three departments of fatherland safety researchers, and 14 critical language pupils.

Educational programs

15 schools and faculties imparting expert undergraduate programs in agriculture, natural resources, and layout 193 bachelor, grasp, PhD, and arts and sciences; commercial enterprise and economic system; innovative arts; dentistry; education and human offerings; engineering and mineral assets; journalism; right; medicine; nursing; drugstore; pastime and recreation physical sciences; public fitness. Masses of distance schooling and online training are to be had.

Carrier and studying

The care and studying Center develops and organizes training and volunteer service opportunities for college students and instructors. Wvu won the Carnegie basis’s classification-becoming a member of network involvement handiest 6% of all universities. It’s miles the simplest institution in West Virginia the foundation recognizes for its participation with the community.

Baggage and aids

In 2013-14, Wvu provided extra than $ 394 million in financial aid (grants, loans, take a look at and work, and scholarships). The humble bundle turned into $ 16,291. The Wvu awards the undergraduate learning software extra than $ 24 million consistent with 12 months; more than 7, a hundred college students benefit yearly from this software.


Facilities-downtown library complex, Evansdale library, health sciences library, prison library, and the West Virgina and local records center. On-web page collections include greater than 2.1 million books and 48,000 mag subscriptions, digital get entry to 246 networked databases, over three hundred,000 books and forty-five, seven hundred on-line electronic journals.

Admission and application timeline

Admission is based totally on a combination of GPA excessive school and actor sat scores. Packages are processed beginning September 15 for admission inside the following autumn. March 1 is the closing date for residents of Wvu to submit requests for process grants. Wvu has a rolling admissions policy, and as long as there’s a firm closing date for application, applicants who follow on the cease of the 12 months can be not on time for the spring semester.


In August 2012, Forbes ranked Wvu 30 nationally on its outstanding purchase faculties listing. The Forbes listing offers employees a pleasant rating based totally on educational offerings, graduate profession potentialities, commencement fees and average graduate debt, then divides that wide variety by way of training and faculty costs in the nation. Wvu is Friday’s best-buy forces “amongst establishments-land furnish.

Whole Foods Loyalty Program

Whole Foods Loyalty Program

Four ways to save Whole Foods

For those who haven’t heard, Whole Foods supermarket is full of excellent choices, healthy, organic, sustainable and Caras. This is the kind of store that we feel healthier just because cycle through corridors and poor after spending the cash. I feel like this before know that there is a way to save even shop at Whole Foods.
So, if you don’t give up eating well, for health or lifestyle, but didn’t want to let the whole of your salary to buy healthy food here are some tips on how to store Whole Foods Loyalty Program.

1. Coupons: did you know that Whole Foods accept coupons? Yes, each coupon maker, magazine or you print at home. Also, receive coupon supplier, the network offers customers coupons for exclusive use in stores. Coupon available online and in the form of a booklet which is always at the entrance of the warehouse. Coupon book valid between two and three months, so grab more than one! Remember that the tips on how to organize Your coupons also applies to Whole Foods.

2. COMBINATION COUPON STORE and SUPPLIER: same as Target and Walgreens, Whole Foods also allows seller coupon combined with store coupons when purchasing the same product. As an example:

  • You can use two coupons when buying brand products So Delicious
  • Provider of coupon: Save: $1.00 Any one (1) So Delicious Dairy Free Products ® (3rd print)
  • Store coupons: $1 out of every three (3) So Delicious Dairy Free products (coupons are also available in a booklet of coupons)

3. REFUND applications: you can return purchases made at Whole Foods through applications such as Ibotta Checkout and 51, even when the coupons used to buy the product.

4. The REUSABLE BAGS: Unlike most stores here in the United States, which costs an average of $0.05 per bag used to carry your shopping, Whole Foods, paid $0.05 per reusable bag you bring from home. Yes, you will receive $0.05 per bag off.

Information: Whole Foods does not offer a loyalty program for the entire country.