What Is Iaas In Cloud Computing

What Is Iaas In Cloud Computing

Meet the layers that support Cloud Computing and how they work together.

As we have seen in the post “what is Cloud Computing?”, Cloud computing allows you to access a set of features, solutions, and applications stored on an online server. Through an Internet connection, you can create, edit and share files, manage services, infrastructure, and storage capacity, facilitate work processes and increasing productivity in the corporate environment. For cloud computing to function properly, some structures are essential. Check out the layers of Cloud Computing:

IAAS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) the IaaS is the necessary and structural layer for Cloud Computing operation. She represents the whole physical part of Servers, Data Centers, hardware and power and cooling equipment, which enable the storage & transmission of data and applications quickly using the Internet. It is she who ensures the operation of the service and allows the platform to work in creating the system to be used. The infrastructure can be allocated both inside the company, requiring the implementation of the hardware needed for the process, and outside it, in outsourced providers that may be located in other countries. How the technology works through the use of the Internet, the provider supplies all service remotely, since the infrastructure for the final application employed in the company. All this activity is coordinated by professionals called infrastructure architects, who organize and give maintenance to the service work with quality and efficiency.

Each of these layers has equal importance to the functioning of cloud computing. When they are used together and coherently, bring a series of benefits to the company such as increased productivity, scalability, flexibility, among others. Want to know more about Cloud Computing? We have assembled a more in-depth content about the topic on Cloud Computing white paper in detail.

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